Corvus 85 - 2016

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The Corvus 85, as the name suggests, produces up to 85 lumens of light from its array of LEDs. This lightweight and compact head torch includes red LED's to preserve night vision and has a dual switch, allowing you to control lighting levels and colours. The Corvus 85 features an intelligent battery power indicator and an adjustable anti-slide headband – a versatile headtorch for all occasions inside or in the great outdoors.

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Weight 0.055kg

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2 Year Warranty
  • 3W LED light at the front of the torch
  • Provides 85 lumens of light
  • Combination of 2 white and 2 red LEDs to provide a more versatile light.
  • Multi-mode lighting options
  • Powered by 3 x AAA batteries (not included)
  • Smart power indicator - Indicates remaining charge in torch
  • Battery life - 7hrs High Power/50hrs Economy
  • Adjustable anti-slide headstrap - Custom fit to head